Central Properties Launches Rookie Mentoring Program

Rookie Meeting 1During the first of many sessions as part of the Rookie Mentoring Program, Paul Sliwka, Principal Broker, presented to a gathering of our newest agents. The goal of these sessions is to expose rookies to various methods that will lead to success in the real estate field. On February 23rd 2013, the topic at hand was working with buyer clients. Paul recalls his first 3-5 sales as being involved with buyers and highlights some important tips for when interacting with a buyer.

The First Meeting With A Buyer:

• Be your buyer’s broker and do your best for them
• Treat your buyer clients the same as you would sellers
• Set the tone of professionalism and before your first meeting prepare by printing out a map of listings
• Print the agent synopsis – highlight and note important things about the listings and appointment

When Showing a House:

• Make your buyer aware that you may be more critical about the house than they are
• The seller of a house that has a flaw will have to compensate their buyer by lowering the price
• It may take 20 showings to sell a buyer, show over a few weeks so that they are ready to make a decision
• As your buyer views more homes they will learn about the market in their price range
• Do not sell them houses, guide them and expose the facts about the property

After reviewing advice on how to deal with buyers, the meeting was opened up to the rookies to share their experiences. This provided a great forum for everyone to learn from successes and failures among the group. Paul helped highlight the key takeaway lessons from each story.

This is session is the first in a series of the Rookie Mentoring Program at Central Properties, and will occur monthly. We look forward to the next session March 23rd, 2013. For more information about how we support the efforts of agents, from rookie to Parner, please visit our Services for Agents page, or contact Paul Sliwka.