Professional Photography Helps Listings Sell

With more than 92% of buyers starting their home search online, it is now more important than ever for home sellers to make a good impression on the web. Craig Heller from TruPlace, a virtual floorplan and real estate photography service, stopped by Central Properties to update agents on the latest trends in online listings.

Studies have indicated that listings with multiple high-quality photos attract more interest than listings without photos. For home buyers shopping for their next home from out of state, listing photos and floor plans are even more important. That’s why it is Central Properties policy that all listings include six or more property photos.

When you’re thinking of selling your home put your best foot forward and include professional photos, you’ll likely be a step ahead of your competition!

Here are some tips to get your home ready for photos:


  • Move cars away from the front or rear of the house and close garage doors
  • Move trash cans and recycling bins inside
  • Remove any debris from the front and sweep walkways
  • Stage deck furniture, open umbrellas, remove grill covers
  • Hide toys and sporting equipment in garage or storage containers


  • Turn on all interior lights and open all blinds
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Clean vertical surfaces that reflect light such as mirrors, refrigerators, windows, television screens, etc.
  • Hide all pet beds, toys, bowls, etc. in a closet or container
  • Remove personal photos and decor

Keep all areas in view of the camera free of clutter


Remove shoes, coats, throw rugs


  • Clear off countertops
  • Remove hanging dish towels and small area rugs

Hide garbage can, pet food bowls, and other items


  • Make beds and be sure any objects under the bed are not showing
  • Hide all personal items such as books, phones, remotes, etc.

Remove personalized decor, photos and names from children’s rooms

Dining Area:

  • For a small dining area, remove extra leaves from the table to maximize space in the room
  • Show off woodwork on tables by removing tablecloths or placemats

Remove extra dining chairs from the room so it doesn’t look too crowded

Living Areas:

  • Keep the floors as clear as possible, especially to display beautiful wood floors
  • Make sure all televisions and computer monitors are turned off or hidden
  • Clear off end tables and coffee tables of items that are not decorative

Hide magazines, books, remotes, tissue boxes, etc.

Bathrooms/Powder Rooms:

  • Wash all mirrors – Even the smallest smudges are magnified in photos
  • Hide the trash can, toilet brush, bathmats, and plunger
  • Removed monogrammed towels, replace with neutral/decorative towels
  • Put away robes
  • Remove all toiletries from the counter and shower/tub area (such as shampoo bottles, razors, toothbrushes, etc.)
  • Make sure the toilet paper roll isn’t empty or hanging down off the roll