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5 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Fall Season Tips

These simple maintenance tasks can save you from expensive repairs and big headaches over the next few months.

1. Take care of hoses and faucets

Disconnect your hoses before the freezing temperatures arrive, because they can cause water to back up in your faucets—and eventually cause the plumbing to crack. Then, if possible, shut off the valves for your exterior faucets.

2. Winterize the lawn mower

Either run the mower dry, or use a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas in your mower from degrading and damaging the engine.

3. Clean the gutters

Twigs and leaves will build up in your gutters throughout the fall. Make sure to clean the gutters before there’s heavy snow, because the weight of both the leaves and the melting snow could cause the gutters to break away from the house.

4. Get the furnace ready

Your best bet is to call in a professional to give the furnace a tune up, but at the very least you should change the filters. Changing the filters in the Spring and Fall keeps the air fresh and less dusty, and more importantly it helps the HVAC motor operate at top efficiency which saves you money.

5. Inspect the roof

As snow accumulates and melts from your roof, it can cause major water damage if the roof isn’t in good shape. Look for loose shingles, rust, moss—anything that could lead to decay or water damage. It’s best to be proactive with your roof—repairs can be extremely expensive—so don’t hesitate to call a roofing professional if necessary. It’s worth it in the long run!