4 Smart Home Automation Technologies That Are Improving Daily Life

Home Automation

You might not realize it, but investing in technology for your home could vastly improve the quality of your daily life.

Recently, tech experts have dubbed our era the “Age of the Internet of Things.” This is because more and more developers are creating products that incorporate Internet-connected technology, which make them easier to control, track and manipulate — and also, sometimes, just more fun to use.

One realm that smart technology has had a huge impact on is the home. Today, many appliances, security devices, and everyday domestic tools contain an internet connection — and by making homes safer, more convenient and more enjoyable, they are making residential life better than ever before. The below four home automation technologies have helped to change how people are experiencing their homes, and they have improved daily life of homeowners across the country.

1. The Smart Refrigerator

Family Hub FridgeThere’s nothing more frustrating than going to the grocery store and returning home to find you’ve forgotten something important. You don’t have to experience that annoyance thanks to the smart refrigerator. Smart refrigerators, like the Family Hub by Samsung, have a WiFi-enabled touch screen control center that allows you to manage your groceries inside the fridge, play music and send notes to friends and family. The smart fridge takes pictures of the inside of the fridge via three built-in cameras every time it is closed, and you can access these pictures from an app on-the-go. As a bonus, the smart fridge connects to online food stores, so you can order the ingredients you need from the convenience of your refrigerator.

2. The Smart Washing Machine

Whirlpool Smart Front Load WasherLaundry can feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to if you can control it from afar. With a smart washing machine, like the Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer (with 6th Sense Live Technology), homeowners can load the washer up with dirty clothes, then start it while they are out of the house. The washing machine also has handy mobile alerts so it can let you know if you’ve forgotten to move wet clothes to the dryer. A smart washing machine keeps track of its own energy usage, which can be checked via an app so you can make sure your laundry practices are as eco-friendly as possible.

3. The Smart Toilet

Numi ToiletThe bathroom of a home should be a respite and place of luxury, and you can enjoy a bit of comfort by investing in a smart toilet. Smart toilets, like the Numi by Kohler, have tech features like a motion-activated cover and seat, an optional bidet, an integrated air dryer, a deodorizer, a heated seat and foot warmer, illuminated panels to light your bathroom space and streaming music. One of the coolest parts about a smart toilet is that each member of a household can customize their favorite settings, then use a remote control to return the toilet to their user setting when they use the bathroom.

4. The Smart Lock

August Smart LockIt happens to everyone at least once: you walk out of the house, slam the door and realize you forget your keys. Keys are a thing of the past with a smart lock (like the August Smart Lock system), which is a lock that pairs with a mobile app that can unlock — or lock — your door from afar. The August Smart Lock keeps a log of who comes and goes from your home so you can make sure you know who’s been there; it also has a camera built in, so you can check and see who is ringing your doorbell without having to get up from the couch.

While Internet technology might be something you usually to associate with smartphones and tablets, today, an internet connection is being incorporated into normal household items to help improve domestic life. Automating home devices can make your life feel easier and more luxurious — and it can also free up more time and energy for you to spend on the things and people that really matter.