Realtor Networking Tips: How to Build a Local Network

When you’re helping people buy and sell houses for a living, you must be a well-connected member of your community. In addition to having ample knowledge of your area so that you can answer sellers’ and buyers’ questions, you also want to have connections with other realtors and real estate professionals. These relationships are mutually beneficial, allowing you to share leads, connect home buyers with their dream home, and ultimately sell more real estate. Follow these tips to network with other real estate professionals, and enjoy the success that comes along with these new relationships.

Join an Organization

Look for a local real estate organization to join. Most states have an association of realtors, and your local multiple listing service can connect you to your local organization. You can also find specialty organizations that allow you to network with other professionals in your field of interest. If you specialize in appraisal, commercial real estate, auction, or as a buyer’s agent, you can find an organization just for you.

Once you’ve discovered the right real estate organization, get involved. Attend meetings and continuing education sessions to increase your knowledge. Volunteer for events, and consider running for a board position. The more involved you are, the stronger your relationships with other real estate professionals will be.

Get Involved in Your Community

Step outside of the real estate world for networking opportunities as well. Being an engaged member of your community allows you to meet people from many backgrounds — and these people might someday become clients or collaborators. Opportunities for community involvement abound. Serve as a board member on your neighborhood homeowners’ association. Volunteer for a cause that is meaningful to you. Join your child’s parent-teacher association and volunteer at school events. Every opportunity to be seen in your community is one that can bring great networking potential, whether you’re connecting with someone looking to buy or sell a home or meeting a mortgage broker or lender who you might work with in the future.

Manage Your Connections

Stay engaged with your professional contacts, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances year-round so that you’re the first realtor that comes to mind when they need to buy or sell a home. Maintain a database of your connections and their contact information. Send emails and mailers year-round to remind potential clients of how you can benefit them. Use social media to share updates on your business to solicit more clients and work.


Being a realtor requires being an active member of your community, both in your field and beyond. By connecting with other real estate professionals and community members at large, you can find new ways to grow your business.