How Green Living Saves You Money

Solar Panels

When people discuss green living, they’re referring to a lifestyle based on conservation and recycling; more and more people are becoming interested in what this lifestyle has to offer. According to DC MLS system provider, green living is in demand in today’s real estate market.

Using Solar Panels to Generate Cash

Anyone looking to buy a house in DC will prefer a property with solar panels, for the rebates and the reduced bills. The federal government offers a tax credit that would equal 30 percent of the value of your solar panels after you have them installed. It should be noted that you must live full-time in the property where you install solar panels to get the rebate, and you cannot get a rebate for installing solar panels on a property that you rent out.

Another advantage to utilizing solar power is your ability to sell some of your power back to the public grid to reduce your energy bills. Some utilities pay cash for your extra power, while others give you credit toward your bill. Either way, you can make money by generating energy from your own solar panels.

Windmills Are Your Secret Weapon

A windmill with a diameter of around 18 feet can generate approximately 5 kW. That kind of power could allow you to take your house off the grid completely and never have to worry about an electric bill again. Windmills are quiet, and they can even add some character to your property.

Compost Helps You to Grow Food

Using green living techniques to generate energy is a great way to make money, but you can also make money by using green living to cut down on your grocery bills. By making your own compost heap, you can create rich soil that will grow delicious foods for years.

Composting is the process of turning your table scraps into soil that can be used to nourish plants. Compost increases the nutritional value of your food, and it also helps to strengthen your soil, allowing for years of successful planting. Plan out how much food you will need, and grow it in your own garden to save money each month on your grocery bills.

Green living means saving the environment and tapping into nature’s plentiful resources. Not only is it green for the environment, but it also puts a bit of green back in your wallet every month as well.